YarnOver SleepOver 2022

YarnOver SleepOver Retreat – due to the current situation with Covid 19 we will not be going ahead with our retreat in 2022. 

We have booked Fern Resort for April 14-16, 2023 if you’d like to put that in your calendar!

If you deferred your deposit with The Fern to 2022, you can defer it again to 2023, or obtain a refund. If you do nothing, Fern will roll over your deposit to 2023. If you would like to have the deposit refunded, please call Fern at 1 800-567-3376. You can also email your choice to the Fern at getaway@fernresort.com. Please put YOSO or YarnOver SleepOver in your subject line.

These are trying times. Let us all stay safe, and support each other.

Your YOSO team:

Deb, Carol, Elizabeth F, Gayle, Julia, Lyn, Mary Pat, Trish, and Monika

We hope everyone is safe & well and really hope to see you in 2023!