Class Registration Instructions

To register for your choice of classes at the 2016 YarnOver SleepOver Retreat, please follow these steps.

Call Fern Resort at  1-800-567-3376 and book your space at the retreat with your $100.00 deposit.
Fern Resort will confirm your booking and provide you with the password you will need to select your classes.

Review the classes. When you have made your selection of 3 classes, go to the RSVP page to book your classes and receive your confirmation. You must have the password from Fern Resort to book classes.

Complete the RSVP page –

1. enter the password provided to you by Fern Resort and click Submit

2. select one class only Saturday morning.

3. complete the name and email address boxes at the bottom of the page

4. click Confirm RSVP.

A note in yellow will appear on the page saying, “Your RSVP has been received! Check your email for your RSVP confirmation.”

Repeat this process for Saturday afternoon and again for Sunday morning.

You will receive an email from Word Press listing the classes you have registered for. Check your spam if you haven’t received the email.

Please contact

  • if you have difficulty registering for classes
  • if you do not receive the confirming email from Word Press
  • if you have any other questions