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A Dieter’s Dessert….

I was just thinking of the gorgeous desserts that The Fern Resort offers us every April at our Yarnover Sleepover retreat. Do you remember the Butter tarts? The brownies? The Sundaes? Well, I’m always watching my weight. In fact, I almost never have dessert unless it’s at The Fern.

Now, April is a long time to wait for a treat, so I decided to work off some of my cravings with a little needle felting. Here they are!!


I spent the day felting up some macarons. I know you can’t eat them, but half of the appeal of a dessert is just looking at it. You know, “have your cake and eat it too.” Well, I just get the first half of the quotation. I can mound up my macarons and use them as a centrepiece, though and dream!!

I do need to felt up two more, however, to get a balance. I was thinking of chocolate with a coffee filling and vice versa, coffee with a mocha filling. (I put 2 in a kit so others can make a “fat free” dessert too 🙂 ) What do you think? What flavours am I missing?

Have a colourful day!!