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A Sample A Day…..

……keeps the doctor away, maybe. I’m sure every knitter has read about the physical and mental benefits of knitting. It calms the spirit, lowers blood pressure and soothes the troubled mind. At this rate, our Yoso teachers should be the healthiest people around, given all the samples we knit for the classes we teach along with our “other” knitting.

I’m not sure about the others, but I know that I’m always “frantically knitting.” I must get this done and go onto to that!! Yikes!!

Gayle just sent me this picture of her latest sample for her reversible cables class. There will be an advanced one this year.

I’m always amazed at Gayle’s precision with the gorgeous stitches she works. This one is reversible, but not exactly the same on both sides.

Here’s mine. It started out as a sample and has ended up as a vest with vertical striping and if it looks a little like a bar code, it was intentional.

There are more…maybe in another post.

Have a relaxing day.