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Knitted Bling!!

We’re well on our way to preparing for our 7th annual Yarnover Sleepover weekend in April. Monika brought an idea for a class to our September meeting. In fact she taught us all to knit beaded bracelets. They were so easy and so much fun that we decided “Beaded Bracelets” had to be offered as a class in April 2019. Here are some pictures!!

This is Deb Gemmel’s bracelet knit with blue yarn, pre-beaded with these lovely blue and pink beads. Deb just happened to be wearing a top that matched the colours of the beads!! Some things were meant to be.

This is Trish’s, which has some lovely mauve shells in between the purple beads. Monika carefully selected all the beads, strung them onto beading thread in a specific order so that each bead would be offset by the one beside it. I am in awe of Monika’s care and patience in doing this. She even included the findings to close the bracelets and the pearl cotton thread to knit the garter stitch which positioned the beads.

Here’s a peak at Monika’s work station. It looks like so much fun. Certainly the project was.

Both Julia and I choose red ones. Julia was wearing a red sweater, which was set off, perfectly, by the red beads. We hope to be posting our class list in early November. And we’ll be posting to our blog often. Please drop by and comment!!