Fashion at the Fern – 2018

An important part of every Yoso weekend is our Saturday night Fashion Share. This is when knitters, crocheters and needle felters showcase one or two special projects they’ve been working on, and everyone admires them.

Here is the stunning 2018 collection. The smiles say it all.

You’ll find the maker’s Ravelry names in brackets.

Betty Lou modelling Robin, an Elizabeth Fallone design.

Yun (zenknitting) showing a doubled in size Citroen.

Sandy with a lovely Age of Brass shawl.

Kerstin looking gorgeous in hat and mitts “made up” and knitted by Helen and Kerstin.

Lena (lenakim), elegant as always, in the vertically challenged Bold Move.

Ann (amrc77) with Around the Bend, a wonderful shawl in purple gradient yarn.

Jonty (jontyhs) looking very jaunty in Lifesavers, her 3rd, in Spring colours

Helen (helenward12) with customized Goldstream shawl and Saxe Point socks

Sarah (onehandyarns) looking gorgeous in Flax knitted with Shelridge Yarn.

Sarah (onehandyarns) showing off Pebble Beach, “a simple lace that looks super impressive.”

Nancy knitted up the 7 Tree Vest kit from her 20 year old stash.

Betty Lou helping out by modelling Marilynn’s Waiting For Rain.

Darla’s (duchessofdurham) precious heirloom knit for granddaughter Ava.

Sandy with an impressive shawl made at a class at Eliza’s Button’s and Yarn.

Christa’s (lakeknityarns) Dahlia Cardigan, interesting construction, out of the queue.

Katherine in perfect blue, a top down KAL.

Kim (ideasdept) in Take It Easy, in her signature colours, frogged and knit a second time, to fit.

Jonty modelling Carolyn’s Eramosa.

Janice with her gorgeous needle felted cushion.

Sharon with Zick Zack, showing impeccable colour choices.

Vanessa, (vinniekins) elegant as always, modelling Jude’s (judithgibson) Fallen Cloud.

Lena (lenakim) modelling Sharon’s Secession – making grey shine.

Allison (allison78) with her subtly coloured knitted tube.

Vanessa (vinniekins) with her husband’s Christmas gift – he cried when he opened it.

Jess (musicalmagpie) in Fuse, a pretty cardigan knit in Hempwool.

Bonnie in Kirkingwood – 556 stitches in one row – but worth it.

Veronica’s (granica) design inspired by Marianne Isager – with elegant detail.

Veronica (granica)again in a gorgeous blue cardigan.

Sarah (sarabellknits) in Drea’s Shawl, using yarn she handprinted with Lyn in 2016.

June (junebug60) in Three Sisters Scarves #2, using yarn dyed at Shelridge with Lyn.

Heather (hgoody09) in the Huntress Vest – the pattern that inspired learning to knit.

Tricia, (triciagriffith) striking in Chrysthanemum, a wear-it-two-ways cardigan

Kelly (bohoknits) in Norah Gaughn’s Intersect, genius design with reversible cables.

Tricia’s (triciagriffith) Gossamer Smocked Tunic, completed after a year on the UFO pile.

Ann modelling daughter Kelly’s (bohoknits) Levity Shawl.

Christine (knobknitter) in Stephen West’s Sports, “just the cutest shorts anywhere.”

Christine (abakerch) in Laurelie Shawl, mosaic and lace.

Christine (knobknitter) in Maia Tee, knit in Dragon Strings and Shelridge yarns.

Caite (charvieconway) with Find Your Fade, knit with yarns from Alberta to London, England.

Sharon in her Estonian Shawl, KAL. Now adept at nupps.

Caite (charvieconway) in Twice Reversible Ribbed Poncho, and the last of 4 she’s made.

Betty Lou in Hat #5, pink and purr-fect.

Vanessa (vinniekins) in her simply stunning Le Papillon.

Yvonne designed this classic cardigan with interesting pockets.

Christa (lakeknityarns) in Lilli Pilli – began with B & W stripes, then dyed the perfect go-along colour.