Monika Stramaglia

As far back as Monika can remember, she has been “making things”.  She learned to crochet when she was five, her mother taught her how to knit not long after.  She began sewing for my dolls when she was a child, using upholstery samples.

When her children were young, she made a lot of their clothes, and many of her own garments, especially for special occasions.

Monika began machine knitting about 30+ years ago.  Then she began seriously looking at hand-knitting, and started to combine hand and machine knitting, as well as crocheting.  Exploring the plastic bed machines and the many novelty yarns on the market today has been very rewarding.

Machine knitting allows her to knit trendy garments and accessories in a very timely manner.  Monika is captivated by machine knitting, and thoroughly enjoy sharing her passion through classes at the Haliburton School of The Arts, The Town of Richmond Hill Heritage and Senior’s Program, the Creative Festival in Toronto, Knitter’s Jamboree, through private lessons and lessons in her studio in Sharon, as well as through her own pattern designs, available on and

Monika is especially proud at having been acknowledged in A Needle Pulling Thread as a “creative teacher extraordinaire”.

Other areas of interest include sewing, crocheting, and embroidery (both hand and machine).

Please visit Monika at Mss Rainbows.